DPAC Fly Day! Save the date…Sunday July 2, 2023

Announcing DPAC Fly Day! The plan? Every RPAS pilot in Canada flies their drone or RC aircraft on Sunday July 2!! Individually or in a group…whatever works for you! Bad weather: do it before or after July 2!!

Send me a still picture of you or your flight to DonDronesOn@gmail.com and I’ll compile it into a video. The challenge: at least 1000 pictures!

SAVE THE DATE!!!! Sunday July 2, 2023.

AIM 2023-1: What did TC take OUT??

Let’s have a close look at the updates in the 2023-1 edition of the Canadian AIM (Aeronautical Information Manual) document. What did Transport Canada remove? And why is that so important!?

Drone Fines in Canada: Is TC looking for YOU?

Let’s analyze the number and penalties arising from Transport Canada’s drone regulation enforcement actions since 2019. And use that to assess the suitability of the fine associated with the Buttonville incident involving a police drone striking a Cessna. The enforcement information data was extracted from this public web site. To filter on drone-related offences, type “CAR 9” (with the double-quotes) in the filter box.

Remote ID in Canada: DPAC’s Position

The Drone Pilot Association of Canada (DPAC) has developed a crisp position on Remote ID in Canada. I discuss it in this video. The Position Paper is available on the DPAC website’s Resources page, on the References tab here.

Remote ID in Canada: A round-table discussion with the DPAC steering committee

We hear a lot about Remote ID for drones in the US, but what about in Canada? Enjoy this round-table discussion with the steering committee of the Drone Pilot Association of Canada! Recorded on Feb 9, 2023. Edited down from 1.5 hours to the key elements of the discussion. The Drone Pilot Association of Canada is preparing a Policy Paper on Remote ID based on this discussion. Your comments on this video will be considered!

Canadian Drone Pilots and Drones: The count as of Dec 2022

Here’s an analysis of the number of RPAS Pilot Certifications and RPAS Registrations as of Dec 19, 2022, according to Transport Canada. These figures are from the TC ‘Drone Zone’ Newsletter.

A DonDronesOn production. BTW, this video was recorded and 95% edited before I had my minor heart attack. Nice to have stuff (almost) “in the can” when life throws you a speed bump!

New Drone Regulations are in the Pipe

DPAC met the Transport Canada on Dec 8, 2022

The Drone Pilot Association of Canada met with Transport Canada to hear their response to our earlier proposals, and to discuss hot topics. One thing we learned is that new regulations are well down the process to be announced.

How could Transport Canada improve droning? DPAC presents at a TC Innovation Centre event

I was invited to present at the Transport Canada Innovation Centre Lecture Series on Oct 18, 2022. The topic: How can Transport Canada do drones better? In this video, I will share the presentation I made on behalf of the Drone Pilot Association of Canada (DPAC), and some of the discussion and Q&A that took place afterwards. Other presenters at the event were Richard Borger of Mohawk College and Jason Dudek of Sky Canoe.