To represent recreational and small commercial drone operators by promoting safety and a reasonable regulatory environment in Canada

Quadcopter drone at sunset

DPAC aims to provide a home for Canadian Drone Pilots who fly for fun or as part of a small business.

Members understand that flying a drone of any kind in Canadian airspace is a privilege, which they aim to protect through respect for other users and responsible behaviour…

Attention Members!

Do You Work In the Insurance Field?

The Association would like to find a source of insurance for drone pilots that recognises the unique nature of drone ownership and management. The idea is to be able to offer members, who have demonstrated their commitment to safe practice and respect for regulations, an insurance scheme that reflects these principles. The Steering Committee is hoping that one of our members works in the insurance industry and may have the ability to enter discussions on the subject or to offer advice on how best to go about this. If you are reading this and thinking, that’s me, please use the contact form to get in touch.