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Drone in flight over mountain.

Just bought a drone or maybe thinking of buying one and wondering where you go from here? This DPAC Safety Course is the place to start. It will give you the knowledge you need to fly your drone safely in Canada. And if you already have a drone pilot certificate, this course serves as a great refresher and meets the 24-month recency requirements. After completing the lessons and associated quizzes, you will receive your DPAC Safety Certificate…a proud statement that you know the basics…and it’s all up from there!

What We’ll Be Covering

  1. The Rules For Flying Your Drone Safely and Legally
  2. Categories of Drone Operations
  3. Knowing Your Drone and Knowing Yourself
  4. Where You Can Fly Your Drone
  5. Privacy and Drones
  6. Tips & Best Practices
  7. Certificate Recency Requirements

Before You Start

Taking the Course

  • The course is divided into seven short sections, each with several topics
  • Lessons must be taken in sequence.
  • There is a quiz at the end of each section with a passing grade of 100% — we know you can pass!
  • On completing each quiz you will be given the number of answers you got correct.
  • You can retake each quiz any number of times, and review your answers afterwards.
  • After passing all quizzes, you’ll earn a certificate!
  • If this is your first time taking a DPAC course, you need to register in our system even if you had previously joined DPAC.
  • Once registered you will be returned to this page. The course will appear immediately below this section.

All Set?