NAV Canada

Remote ID in Canada: DPAC’s Position

The Drone Pilot Association of Canada (DPAC) has developed a crisp position on Remote ID in Canada. I discuss it in this video. The Position Paper is available on the DPAC website’s Resources page, on the References tab here.

Canadian Drone Pilots and Drones: The count as of Dec 2022

Here’s an analysis of the number of RPAS Pilot Certifications and RPAS Registrations as of Dec 19, 2022, according to Transport Canada. These figures are from the TC ‘Drone Zone’ Newsletter.

A DonDronesOn production. BTW, this video was recorded and 95% edited before I had my minor heart attack. Nice to have stuff (almost) “in the can” when life throws you a speed bump!

DPAC meets with Transport Canada and NAV CANADA

Members of the Drone Pilot Association of Canada (DPAC) met with Transport Canada and NAV Canada on June 16, 2022 to discuss issues with the protocols for drone flights near aerodromes. This video summarizes the positive outcome of that meeting….or as my silly thumbnail says, “THIS happened!”