Microdrones under 250 Grams

Microdrones are drones weighing less than 250g. The weight of the remote control is not part of the weight calculation, but the weight of anything attached or carried, such as optional cameras or safety cages, has to be added to the weight of the drone.

Pilots of microdrone don’t need to register their drone or get a drone pilot certificate to fly them. Pilots of micro drones are not bound by the same requirements as other drone pilots, except for one rule: “you must not operate your drone in a reckless or negligent manner as to endanger or be likely to endanger aviation safety or the safety of anyone” (CAR 900.06).

While most of the regulations may not apply to sub-250g flyers, Transport Canada expects the pilot of a micro drone will use good judgment, identify potential hazards, and take all necessary steps to avoid any risks associated with flying your drone.

Micro drone pilots should always:

  • do a pre-flight inspection of your drone to check for damage
  • maintain the drone in direct line of sight
  • not fly your drone above 400 feet in the air
  • keep a safe lateral distance between your drone and any bystanders
  • stay far away from aerodromes, airport, heliport and waterdromes
  • avoid flying near critical infrastructure (nuclear power plants)
  • stay clear of any kind of aircraft, at all times
  • keep the drone close enough to maintain the link to the remote controller
  • avoid special aviation or advertised events
  • stay clear when emergency services are active

Drones are considered aircraft under the Aeronautics Act and Canadian Aviation Regulations and therefore all drones, regardless of weight are prohibited from entering the following zones without the proper authorizations:

  • Class F Special Use Restricted Airspace
  • Over a forest fire area or any area located within five nautical miles of a forest fire area, or in any airspace for which a NOTAM (Notice to Airman) for Forest Fire Aircraft Operating Restrictions has been emitted

Remember, if your drone weighs over 250g you must register it, mark your drone with that registration number, have completed this program and be able to show your Basic Drone Pilot Certificate and proof of drone registration.