While Flying

To keep yourself and others safe:

  • fly your drone where you can see it in your visual line of sight (VLOS) at all times
  • fly below 122 metres (400 feet) above the ground
  • fly away from bystanders, at a minimum horizontal distance of 30 metres (100 feet) if you hold a Basic Pilot Certificate
  • do not fly near emergency operations and advertised events
  • avoid flying near forest fires, outdoor concerts and parades
  • fly 5.6 kilometres (3 nautical miles) from airports and 1.9 kilometres (1 nautical mile) from heliports
  • If you hold a basic pilot certificate fly outside of controlled airspace
  • fly far away from aircraft, helicopters, air ships, gliders, and balloons
  • if you are flying a FPV wearing goggles, you must have a spotter with you to maintain VLOS

You could face serious penalties, including fines and/or jail time, if you break the rules and endanger people or aircraft safety.