Other Drone App

There are other Apps designed specifically for Drone Operations that can be downloaded and are very useful to Drone Pilots. Look for ones that are focused on Canadian Drone operations and features useful to Canadian Drone Pilots.

Here are some areas Basic Drone Pilots cannot fly in and Micro Pilots should heed as well.

Controlled Airspace

Drone Pilots with a Basic Drone Pilot certificate can fly only in uncontrolled (Class G) airspace. You cannot fly within controlled airspace. You need an Advanced Drone Pilot Certificate, a drone with the appropriate manufacturer safety declaration, and Nav Canada authorization to fly in controlled airspace.

Airports, Heliports and Aerodromes

An aerodrome is anywhere that an aircraft can take off and land. They can be certified, registered, or military, and can be in controlled airspace or in uncontrolled airspace. With a Basic Drone Pilot Certificate, you cannot fly closer than:

  • 5.6 kilometres (3 nautical miles) to any certified or military airport 
  • 1.9 kilometres (1 nautical mile) to certified heliports 

Airport, Water Airport or Heliports Outside of Controlled Airspace

Drone pilots flying in uncontrolled airspace, and within 3 nautical miles of other airports, or within 1 nautical mile of other heliports may fly there with caution and must stay out of aircraft traffic patterns. Contact the Airport Manager to let him know your intensions and if there is any risk of interfering with manned aircraft activities. 

National and Provincial Parks

All drone pilots are not allowed to take-off or land within a national park. Provincial parks permissions vary from province to province. A park superintendent may allow the use of drones in some cases. If you want to fly a drone in a park, contact them directly.

Emergency Sites

All drone pilots are not allowed to fly within the security perimeter of a police or first responder emergency operation, such as a traffic accident. You must also avoid sites near disasters (forest fires, floods, earthquakes). A drone flying near these areas may interfere with emergency personnel aircraft and the work of emergency personnel.

Advertised Events

Drone pilots are not allowed to fly near or over advertised events, such as outdoor concerts and sporting events, unless they have a Special Flight Operations Certificate that specifically allows them to do so.

Indoors, Near or Over Buildings

Part IX of the Canadian Aviation Regulations do not apply to indoor or underground drone operations. No matter where you fly, however, you must fly safely and always respect all other laws so as not to pose danger to people or other aircraft. Before you fly indoors, or near or over buildings, Transport Canada recommends getting permission from the building owner and/or occupants.