Steering Committee

Remote ID in Canada: DPAC’s Position

The Drone Pilot Association of Canada (DPAC) has developed a crisp position on Remote ID in Canada. I discuss it in this video. The Position Paper is available on the DPAC website’s Resources page, on the References tab here.

Remote ID in Canada: A round-table discussion with the DPAC steering committee

We hear a lot about Remote ID for drones in the US, but what about in Canada? Enjoy this round-table discussion with the steering committee of the Drone Pilot Association of Canada! Recorded on Feb 9, 2023. Edited down from 1.5 hours to the key elements of the discussion. The Drone Pilot Association of Canada is preparing a Policy Paper on Remote ID based on this discussion. Your comments on this video will be considered!

Meet the Steering Committee

The Drone Pilot Association of Canada (DPAC) was announced on Apr 2, 2022. As a first step, a strong Steering Committee has been formed and has met once: Let’s meet the new Steering Committee members!